Liquid Gold 4.0% ABV.

A refreshing golden ale with citrus and wild berries. This ale uses English hops and barley together with Citra hops from the US.

See Pale Gold
Smell Vibrant, Citrus Hop
Taste Refreshing, Berries,Citrus Notes
Bitter 2.5 / 5
Sweet 2.5 / 5
Dispense Type Firkins, kegs

Brewers Notes;

I used to love drinking a beautiful golden Sussex ale but they changed the recipe to save money. After whinging about it too many times, my wife told me to brew something better or stop complaining. I wanted a proper session beer that was completely balanced that could be enjoyed with any types of food or by itself. I had an old recipe called “Fools Gold” which I made for my wedding party which I really liked. There was a new hop variety from America which seemed to be the perfect addition to the recipe. In 2012, when I was brewing from the garage, my friend Jerry Marchant asked for a cask of Liquid Gold for Worthing Beer Festival and the beer sold out before anything else. “You should start a brewery” he said.