Red IPA 4.3% ABV.

A triple hopped Red coloured IPA with floral, fruit and citrus hints. The rich satifsying taste is made using Belgium and Germany red roasted barley, balanced with large amounts of American hops. Its smooth, crisp and bitter sweet.

See Red amber
Smell Vibrant, Floral
Taste Refreshing, Berries,Citrus Notes
Bitter 3.5 / 5
Sweet 3 / 5
Dispense Type 30 litre kegs, firkins

Brewers Notes:

This is one on my favourite beers. When I played football in belgium we stayed in a small village where they had this red beer which I could not stop drinking. I wondered if I could make something similar with more hops. The Belgium and German caramelised barley makes the wort extremely sweet, so it took a ridiculous amount of hops to balance the sweetness. Despite the Belgium’s best efforts to sabotage our football team with excessive amounts of alcohol, we still took the trophy back to Worthing, England for a year and I got the inspiration for my Red IPA.